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Show your 4-H pride everywhere you go!

I want a Kansas 4-H license plate!

Kansans will soon have the opportunity to show support of the Kansas 4-H program by purchasing a 4-H distinctive license plate. A bill was passed by the Kansas Legislature that would allow citizens to purchase a 4-H license plate as their official Kansas state license tag while also supporting and promoting 4-H. 4-H youth chose the design of the license plate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can purchase a 4-H tag?

All Kansas residents are welcome to purchase a 4-H tag and show support of the #1 youth development program in the state. The vehicle limit is 20,000 lbs. Motorcycle plates are not available at this time.

How do I get a 4-H tag?

Visit your county treasurer’s office to purchase a new tag.  The treasurer’s office will collect an annual tax-deductible gift of $50 to the Kansas 4-H Foundation. There will be an annual $5 processing fee to the state and a one-time production charge of around $50, plus your annual tags and taxes*. All of these fees may be paid together in one transaction made payable to your treasurer's office.

*These costs are current as of May 2017. They are subject to change pending state and county tax fluctuations.

When should I order my tag?

Production of the plates will begin after 500 people have signed up in support. We are anticipating plates will be available for purchase in your county on or after January 1, 2018. After they are produced, you may purchase a plate through your county treasure’s office at any time during the year. If you choose to purchase your license plate at a time other than your annual tag renewal period, you’ll be required to make a second contribution during your renewal period, as well.

What does the annual $50 gift go toward?

$10 – County registered
$30 – State 4-H Program
$10 – 4-H Foundation Administration

Your tax deductible contribution will provide 4-H with the resources necessary to explore interests, experience opportunities, define goals, pursue dreams and develop true leaders. Part of your contribution will go back to the county you registered in to benefit your local 4-H program. The remaining portion will support state-wide initiatives impacting over 75,000 youth.

Can I personalize my 4-H license plate?

Plate numbers are produced consecutively and issued randomly. The state of Kansas does not allow personalization of distinctive license plates and does not honor requests for specific plate numbers.

I want a Kansas 4-H license plate!