Clover Tag

Show your 4-H pride everywhere you go!

Kansans may soon have the opportunity to show support of the Kansas 4-H program by purchasing a 4-H distinctive license plate. A bill is making its way through the Kansas Legislature that would allow citizens to purchase a 4-H license plate as their official Kansas state license tag while also supporting and promoting 4-H. 4-H youth will help decide the design of the license plate!

Follow the bill

Follow the bill from the House of Representatives through the Senate and on to the Governor’s desk!

  • Approved by the House
  • Approved by the Senate
  • Bill signed and approved by Governor Brownback

What can you do to help the bill pass? Contact your legislators to let them know you support the bill and share what you love most about 4-H. You may find out they were a member of 4-H too!

Clubs choose the design

Kansas 4-H clubs will choose the official 4-H License Plate! Community and project clubs will vote on the design of the tag and the tagline used to promote 4-H at the bottom of the plate.

Each club will submit a ballot containing their final vote for the license plate design that the majority of their members voted for. The design with the most votes amongst all 4-H community clubs in the state wins and will become the first official 4-H distinctive license plate in Kansas!